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Over a number of years, I have designed and developed numerous specialized parts that have been needed to improve the handling of my SCCA Club Racing Cars ranging from small bore GT to Improved Touring. Specializing on the compact import sedan like the Toyota Tercel and Honda Civic. I feel that there is a need for a small custom supplier of these parts, and a source for custom and "one off" machine services. To complete the offering I will also source some of the more common parts that tie in with these specialized products at a reasonable price In addition to prompt service, I will have many of the parts available at the track.

Some of these parts will be specific to the Honda CRX & Civic, while some the parts and services can be applied to a variety of different makes of car. With some of these products installation may require access to a press and use of existing or new stock parts. I can order those parts as new, and the completed assembly can be delivered to you ready to go.  I have noted in the product description that some of these items are “must have” products. These products either have been known to fail as a standard item, or make a dramatic improvement in the performance of the car that they should be considered necessary.

 Motor Development Program

New Honda CRX Race Motors: Orders are being accepted for new motor builds for the 2013 season. Proven LEGAL race motors built to exacting specifications and generating maximum reliable power and torque.

I will be building a limited number of CRX/Civic motors in 2013, and will be taking orders on a first come basis.  Current customers who have 2-3 seasons on their motors and want it freshened will have priority service.

I have hung up my drivers suit (been doing it since 1974), after building and racing a wide variety of cars and classes within the SCCA National and Regional Race Series. However I have been offering driving instructions and building tips to all of my customers in a variety of ways, and still pop in to a race to support my guys as needed. I enjoy passing on the hard earned lessons.


  Installation Details

Wiring Diagram for Autometer Fuel Gauge

  Aeroquip/Accusump Detail

Air Dam Dzus Fasteners

  SBMS Racing Radius Rod Mounting Procedures.doc


Custom Machine Services  

The machine services are provided by a master machinist with background in standard and CNC based equipment. Services can be simple custom work to complete detailed design and development.

Design and development will be based on your specific project needs and requirements. This has been a valuable relationship and has helped to solve a number of annoying problems.

If you have a special requirement or need a custom part fabricated, give me a call or e-mail a sketch and brief description.

Race Engine Development

Engine development and preparation are available including custom head development and rebuilding to complete engine service. This service is based around the premise that the motor must be legal to be competitive.

Racers who are using my motors in their CRX & Civics' have commented on the dramatic power and torque increases and improved lap times and race results. Engine and gearbox packages are available with gearbox upgrades consisting of Quaife differentials and 4.8 ring & pinions ready to install. Race Engine & Transmission Packages



Product Description

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Current Availability


Bullet Proof Race Engines

Track tested, championship engines for Honda Civic & CRX, and Acura Integra. These engines have proven their power and reliability with numerous race and championships wins as well as endurance races like the 12 Hours at the Point, without a single engine failure

Please contact to discuss pricing and availability

4 week lead time

Race Prepared Gearbox

These gearboxes are cleaned, rebuilt and can be configured with a number of options. Typically I recommend a 4.78 final drive, and a Quaife differential. But they can be configured to use OPM  or welded stock differential with and without final drive changes. As with my Bullet Proof Race Engines these gearboxes have proven to be strong, reliable and "Bullet Proof"

Please contact to discuss pricing and availability

4 week lead time

Ultra-Light ITA Legal CRX/Civic Flywheel & Clutch Assembly

This clutch assembly is composed of all new legal and performance parts that result in a substantial decrease in the rotating weight of the flywheel and clutch assembly while increasing the clamping pressure well in excess of the needs of a legal ITA CRX & Civic race motor. There are two configuration that allow you to use this assembly with either early or late model transmission. The assembly contains a new flywheel, clutch disc, pilot bearing, pressure plate and necessary bolts to mount the flywheel and pressure plate

Complete Assembly only $650.00

2 week lead time

Race Tuned Fuel Injectors --- Must Have

These race tuned fuel injectors are cleaned, balanced matched and blueprinted to insure the optimum level of performance from a "Bullet Proof Race Engine" or a standard race tuned engine. The injectors will be matched for performance and returned ready to use with new filter screens and o-rings. This is a must have for IT racing.    

$ 125.00

In Stock

core required

Ultra Light Crank Pulley -- Honda CRX & Civic and Acura Integra

These custom machined crankshaft and alternator pulley's are manufactured by Unorthodox Racing and are now legal for use in IT racing. They are the highest quality that I have seen and will be featured as part of all of our Race Engine Package.

Crank  - $200.00

Alternator - $90.00

Matched Set - $280.00

In Stock  and special orders available

Heat Treated Front Hubs CRX/Si, Civic & Integra --- Must Have

Special Heat Treating process prevents common failure of the hub at the back edge of the faceplate. The standard hub will fail, and this should be considered as a requirement for safe racing.  New bearing recommended for proper installation.

Sold as a matched set


2 Sets In Stock

Rear Lower Control Arm Support 88-91 Si &Civic ---  Must Have

Provides a solid support between the lower control arms, use this as a replacement for the front shock tower brace. Includes support rod, bolts, and all the bushing you need to complete the installation

Compete Assembly


1 in Stock

Rear Upper Control Arm Outer Offset Bushing 88-91 Si

Provides for an additional 2 degrees of negative camber. Replaces the existing soft rubber bushing, and can be simply pressed in place. Sold as a pair. Can be ordered as a complete assembly

Sold as a matched set


1 Sets In Stock

Installation available

Rear Upper Control Arm Inner Offset Bushing 88-91 Si

Now available as a complete assembly including inner and outer bushings

Provides for an additional 2 degrees of negative camber, while freeing up the pivot point and eliminating any side play. Can be simply pressed in place Sold as a pair. Can be ordered as a complete assembly

Sold as a matched set $195.00 complete assembly $380.00

1 Sets In Stock

Installation available

Complete Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Set 88-91 Si

Now available as a complete assembly including inner and outer bushings

Provides for a more controlled chassis, eliminating the play and roll associated with stock or Delron replacements. Complete Assmebly allows for simple bearing replacement if necessary.

Sold as a complete Front and Rear Assembly $425.00

1 Sets In Stock

Installation available

 Radius Rod Bushings 88-91 Si & Civic    ---  Must Have  

 New Improved Design   This new design incorporates a larger spherical bearing, single hex adjustment that eliminates the use of shims and allows for adjustment without taking the unit apart. The design also has eliminated the need for the third plate and fits the pocket better. They are zinc plated and the spherical bearing can be replaced if necessary. Stabilizing the front end, eliminating the toe and caster changes caused by rubber bushings. We have also developed an adapter for the Honda Accord to replace the stock unit. 

Matched Set


New Radius Rods $90.00

2 Sets In Stock

 Titanium Front Brake Pad Insulators     ---  Must Have  

 New Concept & Proven Design   This new product is the latest in on-going product development, based on history and lessons learned running these cars for many seasons and numerous enduro events. These insulators are custom cut to fit between the brake backing pad and the brake caliper. The use of this custom cut titianium sheet that fits easily into position even with new full depth pads allows for multiple use applications and extended lift. The heat is blocked from getting passed to the caliper which will keep the fluid cooler and the pedal higher longer in a race. No more double taps before entering the corner. Sets are available for all Honda and Acura calipers and custom cuts are available on demand. Try a set out and forget about the soft pedal after lap 5.  

Sold as a package of 4 (one per pad)


4 Sets In Stock and Custom Cuts

Race Conditioned Front and Rear Brake Rotors ---  Must Have

These new rotors are conditioned using a special heating and cooling process that substantially improves stopping power and dramatically reduces wear. Roll over the image to see the rotor after a full season of racing. Sold as a pair, fronts or rears. This is a must have item!

Sold as a matched set


In Stock, other applications requires 3 week lead time

89-91 Front Bumper Brake Cooling Hose Adapter

This simple yet functional adapter fits in the corner of the fog light molding on the 89-91 front bumper cover (88's don't have this cutout). The angled cut scoops more air into the duct hose and provides for a rigid mounting flange to fit a 2 ½" heat proof duct hose.

Sold as a matched set


In Stock

Front Air Dam 88-91 Si & Civic

This custom fabricated air dam attached to the front bumper of the car using 4 Zeus Fasteners, making it simple to attach. The air dam is designed to provide maximum down force while eliminating undercarriage turbulence. The spoiler has openings for the fog light area, and has a 1” splitter lip, that conforms to the profile of the bumper per GCR requirements. 

Compete Assembly


1 week lead time

4.78 or 4.50 (new!) Ring and Pinion 88-91 Si & Civic --- Must Have

These are new ring and pinion gears that will install in the standard CRX gear box. This ratio will improve acceleration off the corners and keep the engine in the proper power band. This is a must have for IT racing.    

Price List

In Stock

Installation available


Product Liability Statement: All products and services provided by SBMS Racing Inc., or its associates are for "off-road" use only. The parts and services are provided "as is" and carry no guarantee of improved performance by the driver and or vehicle that they are installed on. The purchase of the products and services provided by SBMS Racing Inc. and it associates completes an agreement between the buyer and seller that SBMS Racing Inc. and it's associates are not liable for any damages or injury incurred by the buyer of the products, and the buyer takes total and complete responsibility for the installation and use of these products.

WARNING: Motor sports are dangerous. Products are sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made as to product's liability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.

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