Aeroquip/Accusump Hose Detail For My CRX/Si

Filter Mount.JPG

Oil Lines routed above pully.JPG

Check Valve.JPG

Manual Control Valve.JPG

Oil Line going to T-fitting.JPG

Out of valve to Accusump.JPG

Sump in best weight position.JPG

check valve is a must.JPG

Oil Cooler.JPG

Must be tie wrapped up.JPG

Oil Cooler Route.JPG

After all the hard work.JPG

more check valve.JPG

from filter plate to firewall.JPG

more tee fitting.JPG

filter plate.JPG

Best Tee Fitting shot.JPG

Tight squeeze between rad..JPG

Hey it's true.JPG

mechanical guages.JPG

Oil Pressure & Oil Temp..JPG

remote filter mount.JPG

Filter Mount before mounting plate.JPG

Oil Line to Cooler.JPG

Oil Line through firewall.JPG

Oil Line through firewall to control valve.JPG

It's legal and worth the fight.JPG

Tee fitting from cooler to sump & filter plate.JPG